Xero is online accounting software

Xero saw what small business owners needed and created it. A complete cloud-centric accounting system for SME’s. That was built in the cloud with not only small business owners in mind but also with the constantly evolving technology that continues to change and grow minute by minute. With features that include everything you need to run your day -to-day financials with over 500+ add-ons that integrate with all your other business applications. Xero has taken the hardship out of integration for you and has created an easy seamless accounting software.

With Xero, you can send all your invoices from any device so there is no need to rush back to the office to get your invoices sent out. You can view your numbers at a glance, bank balances, bills, invoices, expenses, add new transactions, view your cashflow anytime in real-time so you always know where you stand and monitor all of your accounts when you need to. With Xero you can connect your bank account and import your statements to be categorized automatically using bank rules with little to no effort and making your bank reconciliations a simple process, one that can be done on a mobile device during a few moments of downtime, keeping your accounts accurate and updated at all times.

Xero has a powerful new reporting tool that allows you to report your data in the format that is appropriate to you whilst at the same time maintaining GAAP accounting standards. It seamlessly links to forecasting and reporting applications for more extensive business management requirements. Click here for your free trial of Xero now!