Receipt Bank = Effortless Bookkeeping

You have heard over and over again through various messaging and different channels the phrase “Spend less time doing your books and more time growing your business.” For most small to medium size business this can be a struggle as bookkeeping always seems to be the last of all the fires you have to put out that day, so you end up spending your family or social time doing your books instead. Receipt Bank saw your struggles and came up with a solution just for you. Symphony can complete this integration with your Xero accounting platform to automate the headache of manually document processing.

What is Receipt Bank

Receipt Bank helps small to medium size business owners save hours of time, avoid human error, and get rid of that pile of receipts and invoices that build up from month-to-month on your desk that must be manually typed in to your expense spreadsheet. It’s time to break the chain that keeps you tied to your desk night after night just so you know exactly where your business is so you can make better business decisions based on your cashflow. The Receipt Bank way allows you to send photos of the documents that need to be processed, with no duplication or lost info as it saved to the cloud, quickly allowing you to publish to your integrated accounting system saving you time and money.


With features that include:

  • Submitting on the go with your iPhone or Android app,
  • You can add your whole team with the ability to secure different levels of access so they only see what you want and need them to see.
  • create rules right in Receipt Bank to automate transactions, transfer information, payment, and suppliers.
  • All of which will automatically transfer this to Xero.