Clear Communication for a Symbiotic Productive Relationship with your Bookkeeping Frim

Xero Posted On April 14, 2017

You want to have a clean organized bookkeeping file- in fact, that is what you were promised- you are after all the client. Then panic! You cannot get the end of month P&L you were guaranteed because your bookkeeper is missing some information but you are not sure what. Sometimes these issues with firm-client communication are a simple lack of established information processes.

Five Strategies to Fight the Information Gap:

  1.   Starts at onboarding- Being a part of the discussion to identify the processes for sharing information and documents is key to clear communication. Be as specific as possible. Include a time frame for exchange of information.
  2.   Xero- Discussion Tab- There are so many features to the Beautiful Accounting Software (Xero) that are under implemented. What to make a note to your firm about a transaction? Jot a note or question in the discussion tab. Save the emails and feel confident you have provided the information about the transaction.
  3.   Xero Reconciliation Report – This awesome tool provides a summary of outstanding items for a identified time period. Request this from your firm and you can see if there are any outstanding transactions or uncleaned items.
  4.   Shareable documents – google doc. Seems a bit old school given all the possible options for sharing information but time and again proves to be invaluable.
  5. Explore other options- Basecamp, dropbox,… whatever will work and whatever you are comfortable with.

The important part is establishing a process and expectation with your new bookkeeping firm. Then everyone feels a sense of accomplishment.